The Coupeville Festival Association raises funds to financially fulfill project grants submitted by local organizations. Grant requests are evaluated on how well they meet CFA goals while enhancing the offerings of the requesting organization’s programs not for regular operational expenses (staff, rent, etc).

– Promote Quality Handcrafts and the Arts

– Ensure the cultural enrichment of our 98239 residents

– Beautify and preserve the unique historical qualities of Coupeville

Together with set asides for scholarships and special projects, CFA has produced approximately $40,000 for the Coupeville community in 2016.

2016 CFA Grant Recipients

At the December meeting grants totaling $31,415 were awarded to the following community projects:

Coupeville Historic Waterfront Assn.

Pacific NorthWest Art School

Coupeville Garden Club

Sno-Isle Libraries

Coupeville Chamber of Commerce

Island County Museum

Coupeville Boys and Girls Club

Pacific Rim Institute for Environmental Studies

Penn Cove Water Festival

Saratoga Orchestra