From the Coupeville Entertainment Director

From the Coupeville Entertainment Director

I was delighted at the opportunity to be the Entertainment Director for the Coupeville Festival. That doesn’t mean at times I’ve been totally stressed out, cursing myself @ 3 in the morning for taking the job- but hey, I’m two shows in (2014 & 2015) and here I am working on #3.

I had some much needed help in getting started. I met Wendy Shingleton, the previous Entertainment Director, at a coffee shop in Oak Harbor. She handed me a cardboard file box chuck full of info on past Festivals, we talked for 30- 45 minutes,(I took copious notes); and I was out on the highway heading back to Coupeville. (She later e-mailed me an idiot- proof entertainment contract in a user-friendly format).

Mike D. (our fearless leader) walked me through the nuts and bolts of setting up the stage and tents in 2014, which enabled me to lead the charge in 2015.

Honestly one my biggest (and on-going ) challenge is to develop an entertainment space that works for entertainers and the entertained alike. I was able to move the stage from out on the north forty (hornets were an extra)to opposite the Library green. That way the audience can sit on a grassy knoll with partial shade, and it puts the entertainers in the middle of the action.

There’s still a sea of hot parking lot gravel between the entertainers and the entertained. (Mike Faust, band leader of the Archtops remarked before starting his Sunday morning Gospel set- “Welcome to the Church of Gravel!”) I’m hoping to score some ground cover to span between the stage and the Library green to cool things off a bit. Maybe a large (and inexpensive) carpet, or some artificial grass. I also need some more chairs (a paltry 32 @ last count).

I’m dismayed at the turnout, although Mike and I got a ton of positive feedback on the 2015 lineup. We spend a good chunk of change hiring first-rate entertainment. I’m hoping word- of- mouth will increase the turnout in 2016. I put up entertainment posters in 2015 on the ferries and everywhere I could find some blank bulletin board space. I’m going to advertise on Drew’s list in 2016.

Any input on how to improve the entertainment space or how to better promote the entertainment would be greatly appreciated.

I look forward to blogging on the 2016 entertainment lineup, which I’m starting to put together as I type.


Randy Williams