Poster Art

Meet our 2018 Poster Artist, Deborah Francis


Deborah has been an artist and teacher for most of her adult life. She has taught ceramics and sculpture to high school, college, and adult students and worked as an art teacher at the international school of Kenya in Nairobi. Stoneware, Raku clay, and recycled materials were her primary focus prior to discovering a relatively new material: polymer clay. Moving to Whidbey Island, Washington thirteen years ago from the “other Washington” allowed her to concentrate on using polymer clay to create jewelry and sculpture. The properties inherent in polymer clay opened up a world of color and texture. While polymer clay is generally used for small applications such as jewelry, she is exploring the use of the material on a relatively large scale to create relief sculpture.  The desire to expand her art vocabulary led to working with various metals and as well as incorporating found objects, beads and wire in both sculpture and jewelry.
Since her time is divided between both media, some cross pollination occurs and new ideas emerge. Her working process can best be described as a tactile dialogue. The direction the work takes is guided by her willingness to see the unexpected and possible directions the sculpture or jewelry takes until it resonates with her. Mandalas, our relationship to nature and emerging forms in nature, recur in her work.
Deborah’s jewelry work can be seen at Penn Cove Gallery here is Coupeville.

Be a part of the legacy of the Coupeville Arts & Crafts Festival!

Each year one artist’s work is selected to represent that year’s festival’s poster.  Take a look at some of our previous year’s posters shown below.