Poster Artist for 2015

Poster Artist for 2015

Mike Wise and Carol Moliter present the original poster art at the January 2015 Kick-off meeting.

Photo courtesy of The Whidbey Examiner

We are pleased to introduce Mike Wise, Poster Artist for the 2015 Coupeville Arts & Crafts Festival.


2015 Festival Poster

The new poster art depicts the festival in full swing on Front Street.  Mike is an Impressionist oil painter best known for his landscapes.

His approach to representational art is based in abstract design with loose brushwork and extensive use of palette knife to add broad strokes and sculptural smears to the canvas. The intended result is a painting with movement and energy, rich in color, texture, and a distinct three-dimensional feel that draws the viewer deep into the painted image.

Learn more about Mike and see more of his work on his website.

Look for the original art on display throughout the area.  The painting will be raffled off during the festival and proceeds will go towards student scholarships.

Will you be the lucky winner?